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CHRO Denise Triba Talks Open Enrollment Tips in Forbes Council 
"One tip is to use your employee engagement survey or other touch points like one-on-one meetings, focus groups and chats to learn what is working, what is important and what should change. You may learn from your employees that they don’t understand the scope of their benefits offered. Open enrollment may include increased education to support better utilization and to improve personal savings."- Denise Triba, Ingenovis Health

July 25, 2023


Vista President Andrea Nelson Featured in Leaders Perception 
With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Andrea has witnessed the transformative impact of healthcare professionals on communities in need. In this interview, she shares her leadership journey and recounts the largest crisis she faced as a leader: the COVID-19 pandemic. Discover how Andrea and her team navigated unprecedented challenges, prioritized employee well-being, and mobilized critical healthcare support to save lives.

July 20, 2023


VitalSolution Chief Medical Officer Brad Serwer, M.D., Details Rural Physician Burnout in Medscape 
Rural and small-town physicians serve a vital role in their communities, where approximately 20% of the US population live. However, only 11% of physicians practice in these regions, according to a report by the Health Policy Institute at Georgetown University, Washington, DC.

July 19, 2023


Ingenovis Health Takes Top Prize for Social Media Campaign Honor Nurses Week 
“We are honored to have been in the company of such an impressive group of nominees creating inspiring connections in healthcare,” said Ingenovis Health Chief Marketing Officer Lauren Pasquale Bartlett. “Along with our seven category-leading brands, Ingenovis Health operates with a clearly defined purpose of building a home for healthcare talent, and it is a galvanizer inspiring creativity and collaboration among our marketing teams. It is with this sentiment that we extend our gratitude to nurses and all healthcare professionals who serve as the heartbeat of patient care."

July 18, 2023


CMO Lauren Pasquale Bartlett Discusses the Power of Teamwork in Forbes 
Building a great team requires the ability to understand what motivates people and then using that knowledge to encourage collaboration. To do this, leaders must take a disciplined approach to model integrity, transparency and respect across all levels to develop the foundation of a high-performing team.

July 17, 2023


Chris Abel, President of HealthCare Support, Discusses Allied Health on AHA Podcast 
In this episode, Kathleen Wessel is joined by Chris Abel, President of HealthCare Support, an Ingenovis Health company. Kathleen and Chris dig into the various disciplines, impacts and perspectives of allied health professionals in the hospital setting. By harnessing the expertise of allied health professionals, hospitals can provide comprehensive care, improve patient outcomes, enhance the patient experience, optimize resource utilization, and promote interprofessional collaboration.

July 11, 2023


CardioSolution SVP Seth Thomas Discusses the World of Cardiology with Innovate Healthcare 
“The market is very competitive, and clinicians receive regular solicitations for employment, some at extremely high crisis rates. I believe this constant bombardment of solicitations would drive most people to consider a job change.” - Seth Thomas, SVP CardioSolution

July 10, 2023


VISTA Physician Discusses Normal Hemoglobin Levels in Forbes

July 5, 2023