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News/Ingenovis Health's Guide to Managing a Contingent Nurse Workforce

Ingenovis Health's Guide to Managing a Contingent Nurse Workforce

April 9, 2024

Ingenovis Health recognizes the critical role that managing a contingent nurse workforce plays in today's healthcare setting, particularly in addressing staffing shortages and ensuring the delivery of high-quality patient care.

Contingent nurses, including agency and travel nurses, are indispensable for filling hiring gaps, providing specialized care and enabling healthcare facilities to deliver care to their communities. Below are some key strategies for effectively managing this essential workforce segment:  

1. Utilize Contingent Workers Wisely 

Workforce solution partners can prevent burnout among permanent staff by providing relief during peak periods and accommodating the need for work-life balance. This strategy helps maintain a robust and healthy workforce ready to deliver quality patient care.  

2. Capitalize on Contingent Staff to Enhance Care Quality 

The contingent workforce can significantly improve a facility's capacity and access to care. Strategically employing these nurses in areas where their expertise can have the most impact is crucial for enhancing patient safety and care quality.  

3. Cultivate an Inclusive Culture

Welcoming contingent nurses into the fold with open arms is critical for their successful integration. Providing a thorough orientation, setting clear expectations, and appointing a go-to contact person can make these nurses feel valued and part of the team.  

4. Identify and Leverage Unique Skills 

Understanding and leveraging the specific skills and strengths of contingent nurses and other clinicians can significantly benefit the healthcare team. It maximizes every team member’s contribution, enriching the patient care experience.  

5. Implement a Systems Approach 

A strategic mix of internal travel programs and external contingent nurses offers a flexible and sustainable solution to fluctuating staffing needs. This approach supports continuity of care and operational efficiency across the healthcare system.  

6. Engage in Proactive Workforce Planning 

Effective contingent workforce management requires anticipating future staffing needs. Assessing the capabilities of the permanent staff and engaging staffing agencies for forward-thinking planning can build a resilient and adaptive nursing workforce.  

7. Ensure Clear Communication and Support 

Maintaining open lines of communication with both permanent staff and leadership about the benefits and roles of the contingent workforce is vital. Providing contingent nurses with the support they need for success is equally essential for their integration and effectiveness.  Ingenovis Health believes that by adopting these strategies, healthcare leaders can effectively manage their contingent nurse workforce, ensuring their teams are equipped to provide quality care to patients and the wider community.  

For more information, we encourage you to download the comprehensive PDF provided by Ingenovis Health in partnership with The American Hospital Association (AHA).   

Within this document, you'll also find an in-depth conversation with key healthcare leaders, moderated by Robyn Begley, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN, Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer of The American Hospital Association and including, Ingenovis Health’s Robin Geiger, DNP, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, NEA-BC, Senior Vice President of Clinician Advocacy. This discussion offers further insights and innovative solutions for integrating contingent nurses into healthcare teams.  

Click here to Download our Strategies For Effective Contingent Nurse Workforce Management

Strategies to Manage Your Contingent Nurse Workforce

For more information, we encourage you to download the comprehensive PDF provided by Ingenovis Health in partnership with The American Hospital Association (AHA).

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