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ACT Program

The Ingenovis Health ACT Program, which stands for Advocacy. Careers. Tools., is a proprietary program to provide clinicians with the tools and resources they need to flourish, grow, and advance their careers. It is a collection of efforts and investments to foster their development and well-being.

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The ACT program (Advocacy, Career, Tools) is an innovative initiative launched by Ingenovis Health as part of its clinician-first movement. The ACT program is designed to go above and beyond the traditional offerings of the past by supporting and enhancing the personal well-being and career advancement of healthcare professionals within the Ingenovis Health family of brands.

The ACT program explores the vast healthcare industry to curate diverse resources and services for your benefit. With a strong focus on service excellence, quality patient care, and continuous improvement, we take full ownership of these offerings to better serve our valued patients and clients.

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ACT Program Pillars of Success


• Outreach and Partnerships - At Ingenovis Health, we empower and uplift our clinicians in their professional growth. We bring this vision to life, by actively engaging in political and legislative outreach, pursuing educational partnerships with esteemed universities and building strong alliances with professional organizations to create a comprehensive support system for our clinicians. • Legislation – The ACT program understands and advocates within the legislative process, championing the support and recognition of healthcare professionals. We collaborate with professional and industry groups to amplify our voice in a collective effort towards this goal. • A Holistic Approach to Well-Being - The ACT program is deeply committed to improving the overall well-being of our nursing community. We provide a diverse range of empowering tools and resources that cater to a nurse's needs. These include stress management and burnout prevention with a focus on improving work-life balance. • CNO Advisory Board - We gathered a team of industry-leading experts across various health systems who bring their diverse skillsets and expertise to the table. Together, we are determined to tackle the challenges clinicians face head-on. Through our collaboration efforts, we address these pressing issues and go a step further, actively working towards solutions that will revolutionize the healthcare landscape. At Ingenovis Health, our trusted professional partnerships enable us to bring together the best of the best, making sure our clinicians receive the exceptional support and solutions they deserve.


Professional Development - The ACT program offers a robust array of professional development opportunities for clinicians, including: • Leadership Training • Clinician Safety Courses • Professional Development & Skills Training • Tuition Discount - The Ingenovis Health ACT program has partnered with the American College of Education to offer clinicians career advancement opportunities, including free transcript evaluation as well as a 10% reduction in tuition costs. • License Reimbursement - Clinicians have the opportunity for new or renewed license reimbursement. This will vary depending on the brand and current state offerings. To learn more about this benefit, clinicians are encouraged to reach out to their recruiter for further information and guidance. • CEUs - Continuing Education Units are currently available to clinicians with Fastaff. This benefit will soon be available across all Ingenovis brands.


The tools and resources provided by the ACT program play a pivotal role in supporting clinicians' well-being, professional development, and overall satisfaction. They empower clinicians to stay updated, navigate travel assignments, strive for excellence, access exclusive benefits, maintain their health and wellness, build professional networks, address financial concerns and receive crucial support for mental health challenges. By offering a comprehensive suite of resources, the ACT program ensures that clinicians within Ingenovis Health's family of brands have the necessary support to thrive and succeed in their careers.

Visit each Ingenovis Health company site for more information about benefits offered to you as part of the ACT Program.

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