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Discover The ACT Program

The Ingenovis Health ACT Program is a unique proprietary program designed to provide clinicians with the tools and resources to flourish, grow and advance their careers. It is a collection of efforts and investments that foster both personal and professional well-being.

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The ACT program (Advocacy, Career, Tools) is an innovative initiative launched by Ingenovis Health as part of its clinician-first movement. The ACT program is designed to go above and beyond the traditional offerings of the past by supporting and enhancing the personal well-being and career advancement of healthcare professionals within the Ingenovis Health family of brands.

The ACT program explores the vast healthcare industry to curate diverse resources and services for your benefit. With a strong focus on service excellence, quality patient care, and continuous improvement, we take full ownership of these offerings to better serve our valued patients and clients.

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Visit each Ingenovis Health company site for more information about benefits offered to you as part of the ACT Program.

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