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News/Ingenovis Health Celebrates Founders' Day

Ingenovis Health Celebrates Founders' Day

March 5, 2024

Today, Ingenovis Health celebrates our Founders' Day. This year, we are celebrating three years in business and looking back on our milestones. Over the past three years, Ingenovis Health has seen rapid growth and long-tailed success.

When Ingenovis Health was founded, it comprised of just four healthcare brands, Trustaff, Fastaff, USN and VitalSolution. Today, Ingenovis Health makes an impact on the healthcare community through the groundbreaking work of eight healthcare staffing brands, Fastaff, Trustaff, USN, HealthCare Support, Springboard Health, VitalSolution, VISTA Staffing and Corazon.

Our purpose at Ingenovis Health is to build a home for healthcare talent - and with our highly-skilled clinicians and forward-thinking teams, we are building our home's strong foundation brick by brick.

Ingenovis Health continues to support our healthcare professionals with powerful initiatives like the Ingenovis Health ACT Program, the Ingenovis Health Scholarship Program and the creation of the Ingenovis Health mobile app.

We stand proud, knowing the dedicated and innovative teams that comprise Ingenovis Health will continue to shape the healthcare industry, while providing growth and career opportunities for clinicians across the country who give so much for their patients.

Join us in celebrating Ingenovis Health's third birthday.

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