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The threat of a healthcare strike can ripple through hospitals, potentially disrupting patient care and impacting the broader community. Since 1989, USN has been steadfast in our commitment to bridging the gap during labor disputes. Our mission is to collaborate with healthcare facilities to deliver comprehensive, turnkey solutions in these challenging times. Our record speaks for itself, having staffed or help avert the majority of all healthcare labor disputes nationwide.

Should your facility be in the process of preparing for an impending contract renewal, contemplating the likelihood of a work stoppage or has already received a strike notice, USN is poised to swiftly respond. Our team is well-equipped to quickly assess the situation, provide immediate guidance and implement practical solutions.

But we don’t just stop at providing top-tier healthcare staff. We also offer executive onsite support throughout the event, ensuring you stay abreast of any changes, strategic developments and internal communications.

USN is more than a partner; we are your all-in-one solution. From full operational staffing, transportation and logistics to consultation and leadership, we provide a holistic approach to labor disruptions. By choosing USN, you're not just securing assistance during labor disputes; you're ensuring the continuity of uninterrupted patient care and safeguarding your community's well-being.

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